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Let’s buy food at Tsukiji market and start barbecue now!

You can rent a barbecue site . Barbecue site includes tools . 
(bbq grills, tongs, chopsticks, plates, kitchen knife, cutting board, etc.)

Recommended rental plan for 4 people or less

Table area with parasol
2,200 yen per person (including tax)
2 hours system
bbq grill : charcoal type

Standing area
1,100 yen per person (including tax)
1 hours system
bbq grill : portable gas type

Service includes set-up and clean-up. (Please separate garbage.)

You have to buy bbq food at Tsukiji market .
Drinks are sold at the bbq area .(Please buy soft drinks from the vending machine .)
Some seasonings are available free of charge.(pepper, salt, soy sauce, wasabi)
Japanese original barbecue sauce , butter , Olive oil are charged.

Basically, please cook by yourself. Staff can also help with cooking. Please let me know if you need anything.

Payment is cash only

No reservation required

BBQ is The best way to touch the attraction of Tsukiji market!

Business hours:10 am to 5 pm Closed on Sundays, Wednesdays and National holidays .

Introduction video

YouTube channel

YouTube channel

YouTube channel
『Squishy Talk』

Online Reservation Requests

It is possible to reserve a table area with parasol in advance.
Online reservation can be made from 1 month in advance to 3 days in advance.
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Please come to the reception after shopping.
If you would like a list of recommended food stores, please come to reception first.
Please arrive at Tsukiji-Uogashi by 1pm at the latest.This is because many food stores are closed.
Children in Elemantary school and above・・・2,200 yen per person
pre-school child・・・1,100 yen
Infants are free
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Table area with parasol
2,200 yen per person (including tax)
2 hours system
bbq grill : charcoal type